You may be wondering about cost for therapy. Several factors need to be considered when evaluating the cost.

1) You are investing in your quality of life.

What is too much to pay to improve your life?

2) What about insurance?

Does insurance pay for counseling and should I use my insurance to pay? Insurance companies require that you receive a mental health diagnosis in order to pay your claim.

We accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United Health, Health Choice, Aetna, Mutual of Omaha EAP, Cigna.

Before you use insurance you may want to consider the following:

  • Treatment length and decisions are made by outside third parties who are likely not qualified to make treatment decisions.
  • Once a claim leaves our office to be paid by the insurance company, an average of 14-17 other people handle the “confidential” information in order to complete and pay the claim.
  • When your children (or you) are diagnosed for the purposed of filing an insurance claim, it is a lifelong diagnosis. Mental health diagnoses are not “curable.”
  • More time and money are spent on processing paperwork that could go toward your treatment.
  • Marriage counseling can only be covered in family therapy and requires that one partner receive a mental health diagnosis.

3) When you privately pay for your mental health care, no diagnosis is required and your confidentiality is assured.

Cost for care range from $100 per session to $225 per session. Occasionally a licensure candidate who is completing the hours required after completing all the coursework can accept patients at a reduced fee. If you are interested in seeing a candidate for licensure, please ask.

We accept all credit cards and health saving account cards for payment. Payment plans are available with a current credit card on file. Discounts are available when paying for 10+ sessions in advance.

When you call your confidential information will be taken over the phone along with asking for the reason you are seeking therapy. We want to make your experience with Breakthrough Counseling a positive, pleasant experience. Let us know how we can improve.